$1.99 Insta Song – Get Your Pet on Your Playlist Immediately

The pre-recorded original songs are available through the Pet Anthems website and are sold “as is.”  We picked some themes every animal lover can relate to and wrote an original song for each one. Each song has a different theme: some are funny; some are serious and some incorporate traits that you as a pet owner are sure to relate to! Listen to them all and share with your friends. All of the $1.99 Insta Songs are available to download now.


$99 Your Pet’s Name Inserted Into A Song of Your Choice

This option allows you to have your pet’s name recorded into your choice of one of the Insta Songs. Pet Anthems will seamlessly weave the name of your beloved pet into the Insta Song of your choice.  The wording may change slightly to ensure the song still rhymes and flows naturally, but the theme of the song will stay the same.

This is a very popular option for gifting a song to friends, family, lovers, & co-workers. You can get started by filling out some basic details and we’ll get right to work on your song!


$449 Personalized Song Created Just for Your Pet!

With the Gold Record Deal, it’s the details you give us that essentially write the song.  We ask that as much detail about your pet, yourself and your relationship be provided BEFORE the vocals are recorded. The more specific details you give us, the more personal and special your song will be. The Gold Record Deal order form is easy to fill out and you can get started right now. The creation of your song includes writing an original melody, writing & recording vocals and then mastering the final version. This process can take anywhere from 8 to 15 hours. Once the song is at a rough edit, we will email you to approve the song or request minor changes. Then the song is mastered and delivered to you in Mp3 format so your can get it on your playlist!

For help with your order, you can contact us at 780.517-7887 or